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These are some of the most common questions we receive from families. Don't see the answer to your question?

Call/text at (515)221-2948 or email us. We'd love to help.

FAQ Quick Links

How much do classes cost?

Read about our tuition options and financial transparency...


When you enroll with us, you'll choose a weekly homeroom class to attend, either as an Onsite or Online family. This is the class where your space is guaranteed and on which your payment is calculated (per enrolled child for Onsite families and per household for Online families). Tuition is divided into equal installments, charged on the first business day of every month. Some months will have three classes, some will have four, and some will have five, depending upon how the calendar falls for the day of the week your homeroom class meets. Classes run 43 weeks of the year, year-round, with scheduled breaks already subtracted from the total cost. Your initial tuition installment will be prorated based on the date of your entry into our program so that you are never paying for classes you don't have access to.


Everyone deserves access to music education and musical expression. We recognize that systems of oppression have historically excluded Black, Brown, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, and disabled children and families from experiences like those we offer. Sliding scale tuition is available to increase financial accessibility in solidarity. All families receive the same services and program experiences. As a woman-owned, women-powered small business in the historically undervalued early childhood sphere, we ask that you invest in us as we reciprocate our investment in you. Tuition is priced to compensate our accredited, contracted, professional teachers fairly and to sustainably support our program continuing to share music for years to come in our community. Select your tuition according to your resources. Our goal is right relationship.


-$89.50 monthly tuition installment per onsite child/online household-

This might be your selection if your resources allow you to provide wished-for experiences and activities. Tuition in this amount is in-line with the national average for classes like ours and it provides the solidarity to co-create access for others.


-$69.50 monthly tuition installment per onsite child/online household-

This might be your selection if your resources are sufficient to cover your family's needs.


-$49.50 monthly tuition installment per onsite child/online household-

This might be your selection if you hold marginalized identities* and/or have resources insufficient to cover your family's needs. Tuition in this amount is designed to create equitable access for families experiencing the historical and present-day effects of oppression.

If none of the above options are possible for your family, please contact us so we can partner on a solution with you. 

If you wish to enroll more than one child in onsite classes, please select tuition for each child so that your monthly installment totals the amount you are able to pay. 

*Not sure what this means? Click here to learn more about intersectionality and social identity.

How do we get started?

Read about our ongoing enrollment...


Our classes run year-round on an ongoing basis. There are no semesters or enrollment periods to wait on. Once you are enrolled with us, your space is guaranteed until your child graduates from our program or you withdraw. There is no minimum enrollment commitment in our Kindermusik program. Get started in Kindermusik Foundations, Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 any time of year by submitting the online enrollment form at the bottom of this page or call/text us at (515)221-2948.


Enrollment in Level 4 (recommended during a child's pre-Kindergarten year) is limited to fall-only due to the sequential nature of this upper-level curricula. Level 4 students graduate in August each year. 

How do I make a change to my enrollment?

Read about our transfer, promotion, and withdrawal policies...


Children grow, schedules change, and families are busy. You can make a change to your Kindermusik enrollment any time of year.


TRANSFER: If you need to transfer to a different class section within the same curriculum level, email or call/text us at (515)221-2948 and we'll check availability for you. (View our class schedule here.) If space is available, we will process the request for you immediately. If space is not yet available in the class section of your preference, you can opt to be added to a waitlist while continuing in your current class section and we'll contact you as soon as there is an opening for your child.


PROMOTION: If you sense your child may be ready to promote to the next curriculum level, we strongly encourage you to discuss this transition directly with your teacher. In addition, consider our guidance here and reach out with any questions. Once we have together determined that promotion is the best fit, we'll process the shift for you based on current availability and your scheduling preferences. Promotions to Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 can be accommodated at any time of year. Intake in Level 4 is limited to fall-only.


WITHDRAWAL: If you need to withdraw from our program, written notification via email must be submitted to us before the 1st of the month in which you wish to discontinue services. No further charges will apply to your account and your withdrawal will be processed on the 1st of the month. You are welcome to continue attending and using our services throughout the current month until your withdrawal becomes active on the 1st. If you're able to re-enroll at a later date, you can reactivate your account by sending us an email or giving us a call. Please note that new pricing may apply and enrollment is subject to availability. If you are considering withdrawal due to a short-term period of personal absence, you may wish to consider using your unlimited attendance access to make-up missed classes rather than releasing your child's space in a class section through withdrawal. Limited class capacity and waitlists mean we cannot guarantee space will be available for your return to the same class section. 

Which class is best for my child?

Read about our curriculum levels and progression...

Class Selection

You know your child best- you are the expert at understanding their needs. We know our curricula best- we are the experts at crafting high-quality musical learning environments. We believe in partnering to find the class experience that best suits you.


Our overlapping levels mean there are choices for the path and pace of your progression at our studio. These levels, designated by age groupings, overlap by a full year. The word "and" is important in this designation. For example, a class listed for 1's & 2's, means it is developmentally appropriate for children a minimum of 12 months up to a max of 35 months. Chronological age is only one factor amidst many that help determine where a child will thrive. Each child's unique developmental timetable and temperament are more reliable than their birthday as an indicator for when to progress. In transparency, we advocate for a "no rush" approach and believe strongly in the benefit of taking things slowly. Giving children the opportunity to experience artistry and build confidence before moving into new challenges sets a sturdy foundation. There is never any hurry to move ahead. 


All of our classes are taught by highly trained, accredited professionals using Kindermusik International's developmentally-appropriate praxis and curricula. Our teachers are an excellent resources for answering your questions about next steps in your journey, and they are masterful at differentiating instruction to meet the ages and stages of the children in their classroom.

Enrolling multiple children of varying ages (i.e. siblings) in the same class is absolutely possible and an option for families who prefer a family-style experience. In this case, we strongly recommend Level 2 as the best fit for an "all ages" option.


If you believe your child is ready for the next step, speak with your teacher to learn more about the transition or contact us directly. If you are currently enrolled, we are also happy to schedule a visit for you in the next level so that you and your child can preview the experience before making a decision to progress. 

If you are not currently enrolled, our team will make a recommendation for your curriculum placement at the time of enrollment. We will work with you to shift that placement if needed to find the level and class section where you feel at home.

What does unlimited attendance mean?

Read about complimentary access to additional classes...

Unlimited Attendance

All families in our program have the ability to attend extra classes at no additional charge. We call this service Unlimited Attendance. It is not part of a family's tuition calculation, but is instead a bonus we offer as a gift of additional flexibility. It's an excellent way to make-up missed classes due to travel or illness, or just to fit extra music into your week.

ONSITE SELF-SCHEDULING: All families, both Onsite and Online, have access to make a reservation to attend extra onsite classes at our studio location. Reservations are required to attend a class other than your homeroom and are limited to enrolled children only, at their enrolled curriculum level. Our self-scheduling calendar is updated every month to reflect available openings. Visit our Self-Scheduling page to make a reservation. 

VIRTUAL CLASSES: All families, both Onsite and Online, have access to attend all virtual classes we offer, in any curriculum level, as often as they wish, and may include unenrolled siblings. No reservations are required. Families access virtual classes via our Virtual Class Portal and click the Zoom link at the class start time to join. Check your initial enrollment confirmation email from us for the necessary password to view the Virtual Class Portal page.

How can I try your classes?

Read about our boundaries and best practices...


There are several ways families can connect with our teachers, with our space, and with our community that do not require enrollment, including weekly Open Studio, and free monthly events like our Summer Series and Musical Storytimes. These opportunities are not the same as our weekly ongoing curricular experience, but they can serve as an introduction to who we are and the kind of work we do. 

The weekly ongoing class experience we provide does require enrollment. It is rooted in relationship and education, not entertainment. This takes time and investment from children, their grown ups, and our teachers. Regularly attending a class for several weeks will give you the best indication of overall fit. If you decide at any point that our program isn't for you, you can withdraw any time of year and you'll only have paid for the classes you had access to. There are no semesters or sessions that lock you into a minimum enrollment commitment. 

If you're just not ready to enroll but wish to purchase a bite-size introduction to our ongoing classes, we are happy to offer a limited number of Triple Class Trials. This one-time purchase is limited to new families only and allows you to schedule three classes in the curriculum level that corresponds to your child's age during one curriculum unit. To learn more, visit our Triple Class Trial page.

We believe in fair compensation for our teachers and employees. Tuition is a boundary we keep to honor them.

How do I access my Kindermusik materials?

Read about your unit home materials...

Kindermusik Online

We know that children thrive on routine and ritual. The more familiar your child is with the music and activities we explore in class, the more comfortable they will be. As your child's first and best teacher, Kindermusik International gives you exceptional tools to enjoy together at home throughout the week, enhancing your experience in class and beyond.


The Kindermusik App brings all of the music and learning resources from class into the palm of your hand. Visit the App Store or Google Play to install this free resource. When you login with the email we have on file, you'll automatically gain access to all of the albums and e-books that correspond to your child's enrolled curriculum level. Our studio's curriculum calendar makes it easy to see which thematic curriculum unit your class experience corresponds to.  


We highly recommend listening to your music albums as often as possible. Daily, if you're able. You and your child are co-creating the soundtrack of their early childhood. These melodies will be firmly planted in their heart for a lifetime alongside the magical memories you make at home and in class.   

Join us today!

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