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Taking good care of your family is our top priority.


Enrollment in our classes is ongoing and year-round. There are no annual fees and you can start or stop at any time. 


100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We hope you'll be delighted and thrilled with your experience with us. But if for any reason you aren't, just let us know and we'll refund your most recent payment in full.

Unlimited Kindermusik Attendance: Enrolled families can attend as many classes per month as they wish at no extra cost. In addition to your weekly homeroom class, you can self-schedule extra classes within your child's enrolled curriculum level on our Self-Scheduling page. No need to worry about illness or travel- you can fit in all the music class you want and need. A HUGE value! 

Sliding Scale Tuition: Music is a birthright and all children deserve access to affirming musical spaces. We are committed to financial accessibility, equity, and justice. Families select their own monthly tuition installment according to their resources. No gatekeeping or application approval.   

Linda's Library: Storytelling is powerful and part of every music class. We support early literacy and inclusive early childhood literature through our free community lobby library. Linda's Library is stocked regularly with books that center BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled, and marginalized authors and main characters. You can take a book and return it for other families to enjoy or keep it forever. No obligation. 

Instrument Equity Initiative: All Level 4 students in our program receive their very own two-stringed dulcimer and glockenspiel for at-home practice and play in correspondence with our Level 4 instrumental learning. Families may sponsor the cost of their own child's instruments, as they are able, or use funds collected by our studio community at-large dedicated to this purpose. Any excess funds raised are gifted to Indigenous-led schools for use as best fits the learners in their community.

Birthday Card: Every child in our program receives a special birthday card from us.

Enroll today!

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