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Our Studio

Pied Piper Studios was born in 2006 with a vision for connecting families through musical experiences of shared joy, giving children and adults the tools and educational resources they need to be their best selves. We strive to create a musical home where families are loved, cared for, and nurtured in community with new and familiar friends. Our programming delivers the highest quality curricula in an environment where all families are welcomed and all styles, ages, and kinds of learners are celebrated and thrive.

Team Pied Piper

Our team of trained and accredited teachers and administrative staff are dedicated to helping families design the class experience that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. We are focused on filling families' lives with music and have a vision for a vibrant early childhood.


Every member of our studio is a member of our Pied Piper family, and your well-being matters to us. We are committed to creating moments and memories that make a difference now and all life long. 

Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that our studio operates on and benefits from land that was stolen from the Báxoje, Meskwaki, and Očhéthi Šakówiŋ peoples. We recognize and affirm their sovereignty then, now, and every day ahead. Children sung, played, grew, and were loved here for a very long time. They still are today.

We are pleased to provide ongoing monthly financial support to Wak̇aŋyeja Ki Ṫokeyaḣc̄i, an immersive Lakota language school serving and preserving Lakota culture and language for the next generation of Siċaŋġu Lakota children, as well as annual in-kind donations to the Lakota Waldorf School, doing the same for the next generation of the Oglala Lakota tribe. Join us in actively working toward a more just future by discovering whose land you live and work on and consider a contribution to the Native American Rights Fund or Indigenous-led rights organization of your choice.


Read our full Land Acknowledgement here.

Anti-Racist Organization

Pied Piper Studios is an anti-racist organization. We are committed to growing our awareness of dominant culture's operation in our organization, to act to interrupt racism, and to work toward racial equity.


Equity and inclusion are regular and pervasive themes of our conversations with one another, with our musical families, and in our communication with our local community. Our teachers support the work of Black, Brown, and Indigenous educators, content creators, and authors as part of our ongoing professional development. And our studio contracts and invests in Black-owned businesses with a goal that 30% of our budget goes directly to support the Black community. We know we will not always be perfect in our social and racial justice efforts, but we promise to take responsibility for our own discomfort, to be transparent about our mistakes, to repair damage we cause, and to keep doing the work. Forever. 

Read our full Anti-Racism statement here.

Body Liberation

Our bodies are our homes. They are precious and worthy of love, care, dignity, self-trust, and respect. Our studio is a safe and affirming place where bodies are free to express, expand, and tell their own story. We embrace body diversity and celebrate the transformational practice of bodies living, moving, singing, and playing in community.

Fat bodies, disabled bodies, trans bodies, melanated bodies, neurodiverse bodies, houseless bodies, aging bodies, young bodies: you are loved here.

Read our full Body Liberation statement here.

"The programs and educators at Pied Piper Studios are FANTASTIC. My daughter has benefited in so many ways. All of the teachers do a wonderful job of working with each and every student and family who walks in the door. What an asset to the Des Moines area!"

-Hannah Turley


A message from Jenn Horak-Hult (she/her), 
Pied Piper Studios' Creatrix and Program Steward

Join us today!

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