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Curious about our classes but aren't ready to enroll yet? Join us for a:

Triple Class Trial

A flexible solution for families who are new to our studio and want to try our classes before enrolling.

Our Triple Class Trial gives you access to self-schedule three classes at our studio in Urbandale over the course of one curriculum unit in the level that fits your child's age. It is the perfect way to get a feel for the experience we offer. 

How does it work?

frequently asked questions

What's included?

When you purchase a Triple Class Trial, you'll select the curriculum level you wish to try according to your child's age. You'll also select the timeframe that works best in your schedule. Upon purchase, you'll receive instructions to make reservations to attend your three classes within your selected level and trial period. You'll also receive streaming access to the music album that corresponds to your classroom experience. There is no commitment beyond your trial period. If you love your experience and want to enroll with us after your trial period has ended, we'd love to keep singing with you! Sliding scale tuition allows you to select your own tuition, and we will prorate your intial tuition payment to reflect your start date after your trial is over. Please note that Triple Class Trial purchases are nonrefundable and are limited to new families only. Cost is not based on attendance. Reservations may be made and rescheduled within your purchased trial period. We cannot provide refunds or credits for unused or missed trial classes.

How do I choose a level?

You'll select the curriculum level that corresponds to your child's age. Because children develop on their own unique timetables, our curriculum leveling overlaps by a full year to provide maximum flexibility. Please let us know if you have questions about which level might work best for your child. Triple Class Trials are available in the following curriculum levels: FOUNDATIONS: birth to 14 months. Caregiver attends and participates for the entire 45 minutes. LEVEL 1: ages 1's & 2's. Caregiver attends and participates for the entire 45 minutes. (Child must be a minimum of 12 months.) LEVEL 2: ages 2's & 3's. Caregiver attends and participates for the entire 45 minutes. (Child must be a minimum of 24 months.) LEVEL 3: ages 3's & 4's. Child attends the first 35 minutes of class with their peers and the educator, and caregivers join in the final 10 minutes. (Child must be a minimum of 36 months.)

How do I schedule my classes?

You'll receive instructions for scheduling your three classes via our studio's self-scheduling calendar upon purchase of your Triple Class Trial. You can choose to make a reservation in the same class section weekly, or mix it up and try different days/times. To see when classes meet for a specific curriculum level, please view our Class Schedule & Calendar (available from our main menu, under the Calendars tab). If something comes up and you need to reschedule a class, our self-scheduling calendar makes it easy to cancel a reservation. You can reschedule as long as it is within your purchased trial access period. We cannot issue refunds or credits for unused or missed Triple Class Trial classes. Cost is not based on attendance. Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis.

Why three classes?

Our top value as a studio is relationship. Trying three classes removes the pressure from you and your child and gives you time to settle in to the experience we offer. With more than 20 years of experience in teaching children and families, we have seen over and over again how time, routine, and familiarity help children and families blossom and thrive. What we do cannot be experienced in one class. The connections developed between children, caregivers, teachers, and the content of our curriculum are at the heart of what makes our classes so special.

Who can purchase a Triple Class Trial?

Triple Class Trials are a one-time purchase. They are limited to families who are new to our studio and have not been previously enrolled nor have previously trialed a class. If your family has been previously enrolled or has trialed our classes in the past, then enrollment is how to re-join our singing circle. Enrollment is ongoing and year round. You can start and stop at any time.

What is the cost?

Cost for a Triple Class Trial is $65. That's a $10 savings from the full price per class cost. We firmly believe that cost should never be a barrier to music education. That's why we offer sliding scale tuition. If a Triple Class Trial is not affordable for your family, we strongly encourage you to consider enrollment as an option for trying our classes instead. You can enroll and withdraw at any time of year with no minimum committment. If you decide that our classes are not a good fit, let us know before the first of the upcoming month and we'll process a withdrawal. You'll continue to have access until the 1st of the month and your total investment is only your initial prorated tuition installment based on the sliding scale tuition selection you provide to us. Ask us for a quote. Depending on your selected tuition and your enrollment start date, most initial tuition payments are significantly less than the cost of a Triple Class Trial.

Purchase a Triple Class Trial

To purchase a Triple Class Trial, click on the curriculum level button below that fits your child's age. A new window will open in your browser featuring the collection of upcoming options for your selected level on our studio's Eventbrite platform. Choose your trial access period and complete your registration on Eventbrite. You will receive a confirmation email immediately upon purchase with instructions for scheduling your three classes and all of the additional introductory information to help welcome you to our studio.

Select your curriculum level below:

Ages birth - 14 months

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Ages 1's & 2's

(minimum age 12 months)


Ages 2's & 3's

(minimum age 24 months)


Ages 3's & 4's

(minimum age 36 months)


We can't wait to meet you.

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