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Instrument Equity Initiative

All Level 4 students in our Kindermusik program receive their own two-stringed dulcimer and glockenspiel for at-home play and practice in coordination with the instrument-based learning in our Level 4 curriculum. Level 4 families may sponsor the cost of their child's instruments directly, as they are able. All remaining instrument costs are covered through the financial care of our collective studio community.  


We invite you to contribute in honor of our rising graduates. Your monetary gift will help to cover the cost of our Level 4 students' instruments. Any amount is appreciated, and any surplus funds we collect will be donated directly to the Lakota Waldorf School (LWS) on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, including identified in-kind donations for LWS students.  

Two Ways To Donate:

1. Donate via Venmo to @piedpiperstudios and put "IEI" in the description.

2.Or complete and submit the form below with your gifted amount and we will charge your card on file accordingly. A reminder that all charges from us display on your statement as a charge from SimplySignUp. 


Thank you for your generosity. We are excited to ensure that all students in our Level 4 curriculum have access to the instruments they need. 

Thank you for supporting our young musicians!

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