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Companionship makes a difference. Join us this winter every Thursday morning on Zoom for musical community and company with:


Bandmates is a free and open-to-the-public virtual gathering for children of all ages and their caregivers. Winter weather, isolation, and illness can make this time of year especially challenging. In support, this is a come-as-you-are connecting point for your week. We'll share spontaneous songs, conversation, puppet play, instrument demonstrations, stories and more in an improvisatory and responsive environment. As bandmates, we get to build the musical relationships we need and practice what brings us joy.


Thursdays at 11:20am Central
January 12 - February 23

This virtual gathering is free and open to the public. No registration or RSVP required.
Click the button below to join via Zoom at our start time each week.

Meeting ID: 878 0218 3394

Passcode: 209692

Music is for Everyone

Tip Jar.png

If you've attended Bandmates and have resources to share, you can leave a tip in our virtual tip jar via Venmo.

(Use "tip" in your payment description.)


All funds collected in our tip jar go directly to providing free access to families enrolled in our 7-week winter virtual Foundations class for infants under 8 months of age. ​

​THIS IS WHAT YOUR TIPS SUPPORT: The early postpartum months can feel especially isolating and lonely. We are removing financial and physical barriers so that families with newborns seeking connection and community can join us from the safety and comfort of home to make friends, learn about their infant's development, and enjoy a supportive musical environment. Classes include infant massage, developmental movement and primitive reflex support, simple songs and rhymes, gentle movement, dedicated rest time, and more. Use code WINTERBABY on the enrollment form below if you would like to grab a free space in our Thursday 9:20am Central virtual Kindermusik Foundations class for you and your baby, available 1/12/23 through 2/23/23. Space is limited. 

New to our studio and want to enroll in an ongoing weekly class?

Complete the enrollment form below

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