Here's what families are saying about us...

Hannah Turley

"The programs and educators at Pied Piper Studios are FANTASTIC. My 4-year-old daughter has been in enrolled in Kindermusik classes at Pied Piper Studios since she was 2, and it has benefited her in so many ways, from building self-confidence, to learning music concepts such as keeping a steady beat, to helping her develop her vocabulary. Music classes can enrich a young person's life beyond just being exposed to music - math, speech, exercise, and developing social skills are all benefits to early music education, and all of the teachers at Pied Piper Studios do a wonderful job of working with each and every student and family who walks in the door. I will be truly devastated when my daughter ages out of the Kindermusik program; however, Pied Piper Studios includes programming for children of all ages, including pre-piano and piano classes, yoga, drama, and special camps and classes during the summer. What an asset to the Des Moines area!"

Megan Flynn

"I've been taking my oldest to Pied Piper Studios for 3 years and my youngest since she was still in my tummy and they both LOVE Kindermusik! My daughters sing the music around the house and mimic what they have learned in class on a daily basis. The instructors are fantastic and extremely knowledgeable and absolutely amazing with children. We can tell that our instructor truly cares for each child in her class. Worth every penny."

Beth Casady

"My family was introduced to Pied Piper Studios seven years ago when our daughter was 3 months old. The moment I stepped into the studio we were enveloped by our instructor's warmth and passion for music and children. I immediately knew we were home. Starting Kindermusik classes when our daughter was so little was such a blessing for me. I had no idea how to "be a mom" and I felt that our instructor was not only teaching me songs and what different instruments were, but how to truly engage my child and connect with her through music and movement. One of my most fond memories with her at Kindermusik was the day she took her very first steps. Our instructor and some of the other moms saw her too, and we all cheered (and cried) together. She is now 7 years old and is taking piano lessons with Pied Piper Studios and loves it.  


Since then, we've welcomed two little boys into our lives, who have known not a day without Kindermusik. I remember being pregnant with our second child, singing and dancing in class, feeling his movements right along ours. He is 4 years old now and loves music, rhythm, singing, and Miss Jenn. :) He frequently asks, "Is this Tuesday? Do I have Kindermusik today?!" To date, his favorite song and story from Kindermusik is Noodles from Scratch. And he's not afraid to sing it. Everyday.


And our little guy, just 20-months old, loves the one-on-one time he gets at Kindermusik with me. With three kids, that solo time with him is absolutely precious. I'm always amazed at how quickly the little ones in class respond when our teacher sings to them. 


As for my experiences in Kindermusik, not only did it give me a vehicle for sharing music with my children, a way to connect with them, and the beginning of a life-long love of music, but it gave me one of my very best friends. I'm blessed beyond measure by the friendship I found at Pied Piper Studios.  



Anjni Moodley

"We absolutely loved our experience with Pied Piper Studios! The classes are fun, interactive and educational. My son loved learning through music and enjoyed the different experiences of each unit. Music has become part of our daily routine! We love the friendly, professional and courteous staff!"

Kristen Erickson

"Both of my children have been Kindermusik students at Pied Piper Studios and we have had an extremely positive experience. The educators and the program are both top-notch."

Katie Lewis

"Pied Piper Studios has brought so much joy to our family. My daughter constantly sings the songs at home and to other family members. Kindermusik has changed our lives and has truly been an inspiration for us. It has helped my daughter personally and academically, and it has helped me raise her in a wonderful way and I can't imagine our life without it!" 

Danielle Stull

"We have been taking classes from Pied Piper Studios for years--everything from Kindermusik to pre-piano to piano--and have had the best experience! The teachers, methodology, and materials are stellar. We couldn't recommend this studio more!"

Lynette Judd

"My grandson has attended Kindermusik his first 9 months of life. Now whenever he sees a new object he tries to make it shake to make music. His great grandmother filmed him during one of his sessions, and I can attest that we witness problem solving and joy in that video. She also tells me that he sure loves the teacher. Thank you for bringing this joy to my grandson!"

Lynn Ross Cope

"Both of my children take piano through Pied Piper Studios. Our family 100% endorses this program. My kids enjoy the lessons, have made new friends in their classes, we all appreciate the supportive materials, we love their instructors and are thriving in music. Our family has experienced other programs as well as my own personal experience as a kid. I am enjoying it just as much and finding so much joy in playing with my kids! We simply cannot say enough wonderful things about this program."

Laurel Griffin

"We have loved Kindermusik with Pied Piper Studios for over 4 years now. We will continue until my daughter ages out! Precious memories! Thank you for being so awesome Miss Jenn!"

Jaime Morgan

"I started taking our oldest son to Kindermusik when he was just a few months old and I have taken him every semester since we began this journey five years ago. I was able to see some of his first smiles, his first claps and even his first steps while attending Kindermusik classes with him. We have been with Miss Jenn for all of his classes and she is someone truly special to our family. During scheduled breaks, my asks where Miss Jenn is – he misses her and his friends at Kindermusik and is always so excited to see everyone when classes resume.


Our son will be starting Kindergarten this fall and this past semester has probably been the most special to me. I go pick him up early from daycare on Fridays for our Friday afternoon “date”. Our date begins with Kindermusik followed by a late lunch at the same spot every week. These Friday dates have become very special to us both – something we look forward to every week. And it’s all because of Kindermusik – it gives us a structured activity once a week where we can start our “stay home days” as my son calls them. 


I could go on and on about the ways Kindermusik has touched our lives. Pied Piper Studios has truly been blessed our family with many musical memories." 

Lindsey Matus

"We love Kindermusik! I don't know what we would do without it! Not only does my daughter love it for the music and playing, but the studio is somewhere she feels safe, and her shyness goes away (somewhat). :) Hearing the familiar music and having that routine is a favorite part of our week. It isn't only a place for my daughter to make friends but somewhere I have made life long friends as well." 

Carolyn Stafford

"Kindermusik has been one of the most important and dearly loved classes my daughter and I have been a part of. The sheer joy of learning and exploring our lives through music has been incredible. My daughter has learned so much, become more outgoing, and literally sings her way through the day!"

Clare Seidl

"My daughter and I have been having fun at Kindermusik for over a year now. I can honestly say it is one of the best choices I have made as a mother for her. I started taking her when she was just 10 weeks old, and she would sleep through most of every class. Now, at 16 months, she has the time of her life in every single class we attend. Watching her squeal with excitement when we walk through the doors is truly heart warming."

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